Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Egg Palace (The Big Egg)

Cleveland, OH. It was one of these names, then another? Or both at the same time? —Detroit at W.52—Open 365 days, 24 hours. Remodeled like a restaurant, but diner all the way—long counter with almost all cooking done behind it—double Jerry’s Diner style grills with stove in between. Great hash browns—great gravy. Insane menus (indescribable).
—RR 1989


Jeff said...

Yes, the Big Egg. Their menus were shaped like giant eggs. Their unfathomable slogan was, "Where the Egg is King, and the Queen is, too!" (huh? The queen is what, king? or an egg? or the egg is also queen? or.. )

This was *the* after-hours place to go for many years, and was always packed after 2:30am on the weekends. I went here more than one late New Year's Eve too. But it always seemed really dirty, and the waitresses were really quite misanthropic usually.

Sometime in the mid-90s, though, they got shut down on multiple health-code violations. Everyone I knew said things like, "'bout time!" but I still kinda miss it. Now it's a VietNamese restaurant, which you can bet I'll never go to. I like VietNamese food, but it's just not so appetizing to go there knowing the history of the building..

Randy Russell said...

I remember the industrial toaster and the total white trash open face roast beef and gravy on white bread.

I was there on New Year's Eve one year, and Chris Dudley who played center for the Cavs was there, seven feet tall, with a fur coat hanging off the back of his chair, the sleeves dragging on the muddy wet floor.

Ray Speen said...

The Big Egg, which closed in 2000, has reopened! It's not yet 24 hours, but they might be eventually. For two weeks (too late by the time you read this, most likely) they are offering a ONE CENT breakfast special (between 6 and 8 am).

This is good news. There is hope for us all!